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Myrtle Beach Rental
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Myrtle Beach Rental RESERVATION # __________

I offer and agree to rent front Ron Heidebrink, (Agent) the premises known as

for the period commencing at 3 P.M. on the day of __________ ,  the Year ___ and ending at 9 A.M. on the day of __________________, 2003. Under the following terms and conditions it is understood that the unit will be used as a Family Rental only...NO PETS OR HOUSE PARTIES.

  1. I agree to pay a rental of $________ . for this period, payable $_______ . as a deposit and the remaining balance of $________ payable three weeks prior to the rental date. Please sign Rental Contract and return within ten days. A maximum of six (6) people per 2 bedroom and eight (8) people per 3 bedroom unit for occupancy. No campers or trailers without prior permission.
  2. This agreement shall not be assigned, nor the premises sublet without the written consent of the owner or his agents.
  3. I will maintain this property in as good condition as I find it, reasonable wear expected, and agree to replace or pay for any loss, breakage or damage to the satisfaction of the owner or agents.
  4. I agree to vacate the said premises upon the termination of this agreement at the hour and date shown above and I will return the keys to the office of Ron Heidebrink immediately. Before vacating, I will put all garbage in outside container, wash the dishes, turn off the heat. or air conditioning, leave condo in a satisfactory condition, close and lock the premises.
  5. In the event I fail to pay the balance of the rent when due, the owner or his agent shall have the right, without demand or notice, to re-enter and take possession of the premises and to retain any deposit previously made as forfeiture and damage by reason thereof.
  6. Tenant to pay long distance calls, Owner to pay other utilities.
  7. ___ Tenant to furnish all linens (towels, sheets and pillow cases). -OR- ___ Owner to furnish all linens.
  8. ___ Tenant to clean condo before leaving. -OR- ___ Owner to clean condo.
  9. Agents may re-enter premises for the purpose of effecting necessary repairs and/or maintenance.
  10. It is expressly understood and agreed that owner or his agent of said premises will not be liable for any damages or any injury to tenant or his family or to his families' property from whatever cause arising from the occupancy of said premises by tenant and his family or friends. Since it is impractical and extremely difficult to fix actual damages which may arise, any liability on the part of the owner or agent, will be limited to an amount equal to the rental agreement or two hundred and fifty dollars (S250.), whichever is greater. This sum shall be complete and exclusive and shall be paid and received as liquidated damages and not as a penalty
  11. It is understood and agreed that this agreement is to terminate in the event of destruction of the premises by any casualty and any unearned rental is to be prorated and refunded to tenant
  12. Full deposit minus $25.00 returned if cancelled 30 days or more before rental date. Two hundred dollars ($200.) is held if not re-rented(under 30 days notice).
  13. When signed by the tenant and accepted by owner or his agent, this shall constitute a rental agreement.
    Accepted: Ron Heidebrink, Agent:
(Print Please)
#Tele:( ___ ) ___-____ #Work:( ___ ) ___-____
Method of Travel:car/plane____ .Parking passes needed:_____
Mastercard/Visa:____________________________ Expires:________
Number in group: adults __________ children __________
Print Signature _________________________________

(Please fill in the credit card informatlon, if you do not have a card, please send an additional $100. for security deposit. Make checks payable to Ron Heidebrink. Please include 3% office processing fee if paying by Visa/Master card)