3 Bedroom 2014 Weekly Rental Rates

NORMAL Saturday to Saturday Rentals, call about other

ALL Prices include, Linens, and maid Cleanup.

 Call 1-800-2MYRTLE ( 1-800-269-7853)

1/1 TO 3/31
$115 DAY
$690 WK

6/28 to 7/4
(Prime Time)
$1425 WEEK

3/31 to 4/26
$145 DAY
$665 WEEK

4/27 to 5/9
$145 DAY
$725 WEEK

5/10 to 5/26
$175 DAY
$1050 WEEK

5/27 to 6/13
no DAY
$1090 WEEK

6/14 TO 6/27
no DAY
$1290 WEEK
10/6 to 12/31
$125 Day
$650 WEEK

7/5 TO 8/1
no DAY
$1325 WEEK

8/2 TO 8/8
no DAY
$1295 WEEK

8/9 TO 8/15
no DAY
$1195 WEEK

8/16 to 8/31
$195 DAY
$1095 WEEK

9/1 to 9/11
$189 DAY
$970 WEEK

9/12 to 9/20
$159 DAY
$915 WEEK

9/21 to 12/31
$130 DAY
$650 WEEK

CALL ABOUT SPECIALS DAILY/MONTHLY WINTER PRICING  Nov to April CALL... Prices subject to change-call

Prices above include, Linens, maid Cleanup.


Maximum of 8 people allowed.

Family ONLY..No groups under 23 years old.. IF IN DOUBT ABOUT RULES-CALL

Condos are fully furnished...Complete Kitchen, cookware, dishwasher microwave, cable TV,  telephone, air conditioning and heat.

Indoor/Outdoor pool.. 

Check in time on Saturday after 3PM... Checkout time before 11AM on the last day.

Whirlpool tub in master bath.   Ask

Oceanfront Balcony AND BEDROOM BALCONY

Three bedroom units are equipped with washer and dryer.

Maid service is provided on the last day. (other companies charge extra)

Linens are provided with the prices above. (other companies charge extra)

NO pets are allowed in these units . Campers/MH need prior permission to park on property.

Deposits are required with signed contract (VISA/Mastercard or $200.00 additional can be used for a security deposit.

Sleep sofa may be uncomfortable for adults, but the kids don't seem to mind.

Golf packages are available for any size group. (minimum stay required)

Prices subject to change, call for price confirmation with reservation.